What You Can Do

Pitt Green Events

Help advance the University of Pittsburgh’s culture of sustainability by getting your internal or external event certified as a Pitt Green Event!

  • Have you considered recycling and composting during and after your event?
  • Can you provide agendas or material electronically instead of printing?
  • Are you providing your guests with plant-forward, vegetarian, and/or vegan food options?
  • If your event is outdoors, have you requested the WaterMonster?
  • Did you know that after your event, you can post to the Pitt Food Share Facebook group to help others utilize any excess food?

Check Out this “How To” guide for Green Event planning from the Student Office of Sustainability.  Or watch this video for more information.

Ready to get your Green Event certified? Take 5 minutes to fill out the application for Green Event Certification. The application will walk you through greening every part of your event.

More about the Pitt Green Engagement Programs

What University of Pittsburgh events have already achieved Pitt Green Event certification?

Huge thanks to the many Pitt Green Events from prior years, who were first in line to help us achieve the goals in the Pitt Sustainability Plan!


Follow these links to learn about more Green programs available at Pitt!