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The first campus-wide employee professional development course in sustainability was offered in Fall 2020 — a teaser for the forthcoming Pitt employee Sustainability Professional Certificate Program!

The Pitt Sustainability Professional Certificate will be a Pitt employee professional development program that empowers Pitt community members with knowledge about sustainability, including the potential to become sustainability ambassadors for their departments and units. Through workshops created and taught by the Pitt Sustainability team, employees will gain the knowledge needed to apply core sustainability principles to create solutions throughout their career that allow all to thrive by balancing equity, environment, and economy. To earn the Pitt Sustainability Professional Certificate, employees must take all 4 core courses and 2 electives (1 existing Diversity & Inclusion courses can count towards your electives).


Sustainability Foundations: Balancing the Three Es

Hearing a lot about “sustainability” at Pitt and elsewhere? This workshop provides foundational knowledge of the three dimensions of sustainability: economics, environment, and equity. Participants will learn how these disciplines relate to the challenges of climate change, food security, and racial justice and how they can contribute to solutions in the local, national, and global community. Discussion of solutions will start with opportunities and innovation at Pitt and in Pittsburgh.

Sustainability: Circular, Regenerative, & Just Economies

Hearing a lot of acronyms about investments and the economy, but wondering what CSR, ESG, and SRI really mean? This workshop will provide foundational knowledge on sustainable business practices.  Participants will learn about sustainable purchasing, supply chain management, the circular economy, and best business practices that create positive social and environmental outcomes.  This workshop will give participants the tools to tap into the wealth of Pitt resources (e.g., Center for Sustainable Business) to become more responsible consumers and help create and support regenerative and just economies.

Sustainability: Building an Equitable Future

Did you know that equity is 1 of 3 pillars of sustainability? This workshop will explore how equity and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Participants will learn about environmental justice, community development, and inclusion initiatives at Pitt and in Pittsburgh – and how that they and their departments can help contribute to. Professionals will be able to clearly define equity principles, identify systemic issues and systems, and become aware of the role we all play in building a sustainable future for all to thrive.

Sustainability: Environment, Ecosystems, and You

Heard about Pitt’s commitment to carbon neutrality, renewable energy, alternative transportation, pollinators, and protecting our local ecosystems? This workshop will teach attendees about environmental stewardship, Pitt’s related goals, and how individuals & departments can help us improve our local and global environment. Learn about our recycling, composting, and specialty waste diversion efforts, while diving deeper into understanding climate change, ecologically friendly landscapes, and the how you and Pitt can help build a resilient future for our region. 

Pitt Blue & Gold = Green

Heard about Pitt’s many sustainability commitments and wondering how you as a Pitt employee can contribute in your everyday activities and decisions for Pitt? Learn how you can engage professionally to help us achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 or engage in our Pitt Green program for labs, offices, event hosts, or even by becoming one of the first Pitt Green Ambassadors. We’ll also cover Pitt’s many sustainability benefits and commitments, including Healthy Ride bike share, electric vehicles, the Cool Food and Real Food pledges, community partnerships, pollinator gardens, LEED buildings, and so much more!

Sustainable Food Systems

Have you ever wondered about the impact of food on society and the planet? In this class learn about how Pitt is eating its way to a more sustainable future for all! Dive deeper into our food system and find out the impact each of us can make with our food choices and about topics such as food sovereignty, food deserts, GMOs, fair trade, organics, and food waste.

Sustainable Landscapes

Coming soon in 2023!

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New electives are being developed and are anticipated to be offered in 2023. Additional courses to look forward to include:

  • Sustainable Community Development
  • Sustainable Investments